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Product Care

Our products are fully cooked and vacuum packaged to protect the quality of our meats and to insure the longest possible shelf life. Vacuum sealing helps to extend your products life even if the items arrive thawed. Your smoked meats are perfectly safe to eat as long as the vacuum seal is intact.

We ship our products frozen and packaged correctly to also insure that they come to you with the vacuum seal secure. Please check the packaging upon receipt to make sure your items arrived in good condition. If for some reason the seal on any of the products is broken please call us at 1-866-570-0315.

All sealed product may be placed in the freezer or refrigerator upon arrival if you do not eat them immediately. These products are good in the refrigerator with seal intact for up to one month and in the freezer with seal intact for up to one year.

If you wish you may cut up your products in smaller portions and place them in freezer bags only for you convenience. Our goal is to make sure that you and those that you send our products to will enjoy them. Good care of your items will ensure that down to the last bite!